Happy with fifth in W Series, but next year I am aiming for the win !

What a season! It has been a roller coaster, but I am so happy to end the season on a high note with a second place at the season finale at Brands Hatch. I am also so thankful to be part of this fantastic W Series journey.

I should have been a little more tactical in qualifying at Brands and left a final attempt for pole position to the last minute, but I didn’t want to gamble. Even so, I was happy to start the race from fourth – not too far back – and I had a good start. I knew I had the pace to race for the win. I had really good pace just before the Safety Car, I was planning to push for the win at the end, but Alice did the restart really well – she blew me away actually – and that was the end of it really.

Obviously this season has been a bit mixed for me – I missed the first half basically. By only 3 race finishes I became 5th in the championship, which is pretty good!

Congratulations to Alice Powell for the win and Brands and to Beitske Visser for the 3rd place.

And huge congrats to Jamie Chadwick for the first ever W Series championship win!

I will be back next year and I am aiming for the Championship!


Pole, fastest lap and victory at Assen

Pole, victory and the fastest lap at Assen. It was a really great weekend. From the first free practice session I knew I had the speed to win and, after a bad start, I was soon looking for a good moment to take back the lead.

After the first race of the season, at Hockenheim, I was hugely disappointed to find out that I had been injured and I didn’t know how long it would be until I could race again.

But at the same time, with the help of the best ever healthcare specialists, Hintsa Performance and my own doctor, I was able to come back stronger. It’s because of you all, I’m back behind the wheel. Thank you

Ultimately, I’m so glad and so pleased to be back racing – and winning.

As we say in Finland, if you want to win, hire a Fin.


Feels so good to be back in the car!

Ended the race in P5 with the fastest lap of the @wseriesracing race at Norisring! I was unlucky in the qualifying when yellow and red flags ruined my quick times with new tires. My fastest lap was my tire warm up lap and I ended up in P8 with it. Had a blast in the race! I nearly didn’t survive the first corner because I got pushed but I saved the spin and didn’t lose any positions. My rear back pushrod bent in the accident but the car was still good to drive and I started to push. Made some nice overtakes and enjoyed the time behind the wheel. I had the pace to win the race but couldn’t do any better from that starting position. The car worked well throughout the weekend and I had a really good mechanic Umberto and engineer Thomas from whom I learned a lot. But to be honest, being able to compete and feel fine again is my biggest victory.

Now the focus is on the two last race weekends of the series. I have good memories from Assen. I did one of my best races in the Formula ADAC Masters series in Assen. I would have won the race, but my team mate Kevin Magnussen managed in a close fight to push me off track on the last lap. That is forgotten now Kevin😊 I did well in the FPA-series at Brands Hatch, so fond memories also from Brands Hatch.

I’M BACK!  It feels fabulous to be 30! A new era begins now!


Zolder – the right decision was made

I didn’t race at Zolder. It was a difficult decision to make, but I know in my heart we made the right decision. As an athlete it’s hard to describe the disappointment because lots of feelings are involved and you are always prepared to give your absolutely everything to compete.

But as a mother I know that health comes first. My situation after Hockenheim has been tricky because an old injury was activated by the shunt. The medical experts at @hintsaperformance made their decision together with the @wseriesracing that it’s better for me to extend the time for recovery. It’s always tricky with injuries and it’s hard to define whereabouts on the recovery curve you actually are. And if the injury is active, there’s way too many risks. In my case even a little new shunt would have been crucial. So better to recover over one race than possibly hang the helmet for a really long time or the rest of my life.

Now it’s all about recovery and I’m so lucky and privileged to have the best team of experts to help me. Next time I’ll be ready to show my full potential up to chequered flag! Thanks to all of you who are supporting me on this journey and have sent messages.

We will end up winning races, don’t worry. And let’s block the title next year !


The fight is on!

The W Series made history at Hockenheim. I didn’t.

It was the first and inaugural W Series race. I was so excited before qualifying and could barely wait to get started. Fourth in qualifying was not what I expected. I had the speed to do better. Some setup issues and a red flag made it difficult to fight for the pole.

If the W Series made history at Hockenheim, I didn’t. When I got away, after almost stalling the car (tech issue) on the grid, the car felt very good. I was happy with the setup. I overtook some cars and was set to take up the fight to make it up to the front. Then I was hit hard turning in to a corner. It was, what I would call, an unfortunate elimination. The race was over.

Now the championship win is harder but my career has been quite a survival story so far so it may continue to be like that. One thing is for sure, I’m never going to give up and I’m grateful for W Series and for this amazing event and opportunity. At Zolder I’ll know which car + mechanic + engineer combo I will get. Heads up and towards the win at Zolder in two weeks time!

Congratulations to all W Series drivers and especially to Jamie, Alice and Marta. Well done.

The fight is on!


W Series kick-off at Hockenheim

On Saturday it is time for the first ever W Series race. I really look forward to the race weekend.  After a solid three day testing at Lausitzring in Germany, where I learned a lot more about the new Tatuus T-318 Formula 3 car, it is time to go racing. It is ten years since I raced in a single seater series, but I feel comfortable in the car and I enjoy working with the Hitech engineers and mechanics. The competition is though, but I have always loved the head to head racing, so I really look forward to the qualifying and race on Saturday.

You will all be able to watch the race live as W Series have signed a deal with Channel 4 in the UK and in the Nordic countries all the races are broadcasted by Viasat.

I am so grateful for this opportunity. Let the W Series 2019 journey begin !

Copyright, 2019, Colin McMaster/LAT Images/W Series.

Emma Kimilänen + W Series = True !

Now it’s official. I’m competing in the W Series in season 2019!! It means a lot to me to be honest. I believe that no matter the gender, talent exist all over the world, but opportunities do not. Especially not the ones in the world of motorsport that aren’t somehow related to a financial background. W Series is a huge opportunity for us everyone who are involved. Now the real journey begins. The target is set, to win. 

” It was an intensive week at the Almeria race track but I enjoyed every second of it “


SPV Racing signs Emma Kimiläinen for Electric GT

SPV Racing signs Emma Kimiläinen as test- and development driver for the Electric GT Tesla Model S P100DL together with Alvaro Fontes

EGT Championship test day at Circuit Pau-Arnos, France
  • SPV Racing signs Emma Kimiläinen for the Electric GT Series
  • Swedish – Spanish racing team SPV Racing is the first team to be announced for the Electric GT inaugural season
  • The Malaga-based team will field a two-car entry in the EGT Championship and will develop future racing talent by supporting young racers in the eSports virtual racing support series
  • Emma Kimiläinen, Alvaro Fontes and Javier Martinez announced as development drivers as the team prepares for its electric racing debut
  • SPV will receive their first Tesla Model S EGT P100D car later this year, ahead of the opening round in mid-2018
  • The Electric GT Championship is the new zero-emissions motorsport category promoting sustainable mobility.
  • For more information about SPV Racing please visit www.spv.racing

Thursday, November 23 2017, Malaga, Spain. SPV Racing has signed Finnish driver Emma Kimiläinen for the Electric GT series, initially focusing on the test and development program together with a Spanish driver Alvaro Fontes.

Emma Kimiläinen is a very accomplished driver at 28 years. She started with Go Karts at the age of 3 and has produced good results throughout her single seaters career. She has competed in Formula Ford, Radical, Formula Masters ADAC and Formula Palmer Audi racing series before switching over to touring cars  in the Scandinavian Touring Car Championship (STCC), where she competed from 2014 until the end of 2016 with several podium finishes.

In 2017 Emma has competed in the V8 Thunder Cars NEZ Championship were she was 4th overall with one win, two podiums and two pole positions. Emma is also a commentator for F1 and E-Motorsport in Finnish television.

SPV Racing CEO Raul Garcia said We are very happy to have Emma joining us, she has a very good track record and did a good test in the Tesla Model S P85 car at Pau in France, where she demonstrated her ability to understand the car and the electric propulsion system. Emma was adjusting her driving style to maximize the performance of the car.

We look forward to start testing the new Tesla P100DL with Emma and Alvaro early 2018, the new car will have almost twice as much power, racing brakes and a new suspension system.”

Making a test plan with SPV Racing CEO Raul Garcia at Electric GT test day at Pau-Arnos, France

SPV Racing will field two cars in the Electric GT Championship in a multi-year agreement, while also fielding an entry in the eSports support series to develop new racing talent.

SPV Racing was formed through a partnership between Swedish Team Spirit Racing, owned by Lars GV Lindberg, and SPV Motorsport owned by Raul Garcia. The team is currently racing in the European LeMans Series and the Le Mans Cup, with the aim of making its 24 Hours of Le Mans debut in 2019.

Spanish driver Alvaro Fontes is a veteran of GT racing, with over 255 race starts to his name. He has previously participated in the Hyundai Coupé Cup, Seat Super Cup, Spanish GT Championship, Radical European Masters and the European LeMans Series. 

SPV’s ambition to develop young talent is also appearing as they recruit a Spanish eSports and single-seater racer Javier Martinez as a development driver for Electric GT’s eSports support series.

Lars Lindberg, SPV Racing Team Manager said: “We are so proud to be the first team to officially announce an entry to the Electric GT Championship. We are excited about this new chapter for our team as we take on the challenge of racing with the electric power.
“From a pure racing perspective, we have a lot to learn with the Tesla. So, we are proud that we have such a strong driver line-up to assist with our development on and off the track. We believe that we are putting our best foot forward and hope to make a strong start in our first season. 
We’re proud of the experience in our team, having raced all over the world in multiple categories. We are also looking forward to using Electric GT as an opportunity to develop new racing talent and we believe that the eSports Championship will be a good testing ground for racing stars of the future.”


Rallycross debut with RX Academy

I did my Rallycross debut with RX Academy in the end of September in Kouvola, Finland.

Rallycross debut with RX Academy, Kouvola, Finland

It was the final round of the RX Academy championship and it was a huge challenge for me.

When I went to the track for some test driving 3 days before the actual race day, I had no idea how to handle the front-wheel drive car or how to be fast in it.

So many new things as gravel, the front-wheel drive, wheelspin, sliding, a tarmac mixed with the gravel, a handbrake… what else… RX rules! But what would be a better way to challenge yourself than trying new things and really get out of the comfort zone.

I learned really quickly because of the academy concept. I got really high quality coaching which helped me to understand the car a lot quicker.

When we got to the Kouvola RX race track, the weather sucked. It had been raining for weeks before the race and the mud made my debut a bit harder in the beginning.

But seriously, what an amazing experience! I think I’m in love with RX! Seriously.

I became 4th in the final, close to the podium finish and I’m extremely happy!

To start from zero and ending up having the same speed as the fastest guys in this tricky sport was my victory. I had to change my whole driving style for rallycross because everything is done pretty much the opposite way comparing to circuit racing; how to brake, approaching to the corners, driving lines, how to cope with the understeer, handbrake…

The final round of RX Academy championships at Kouvola, Finland.

I feel privileged to have this experience. And I couldn’t think a better way to get introduced to the sport. I wouldn’t have learned all the things so fast without the help of the RXAcademyOfficial team; talented coaches, mechanics, spotters, managers etc.

Thank you. And a huge thanks to Medialiiga Oy for making this experience possible for me.

I’ll definitely continue Rallycross in some possible way in the future!

x Emma


Season 2017 V8 Thunder cars

This year I participated in the V8 Thunder cars NEZ championship together with Mika Racing and Ford Mustang.

The year was colorful and we had a bit of bad luck with some technical issues but all in all it was an OK first season.  The highlight of the year for myself was to win a race for the first time after my hiatus, which took place between 2010 and 2014.

V8 Thunder cars, 1st and 3rd prizes at Pärnu, Estonia

I proved to myself that I’m back in the game. Mostly mentally, because the talent has been there all along. But being able to win is another story.

Motorsport is a team sport and getting everything right is always a result of practice and good co-operation. But the most important thing is to believe and to trust; in yourself and everyone in the team. And to get the team and the partners to believe in you.

But as in every relationship, trust must be earned.

After the 2nd place at Ahvenisto, Finland.

I really enjoyed the year. Racing felt good again after the difficult past year with the neck injury. Racing was so hard after that so my personal goal was to be able to control and to believe in myself and to have fun. And that goal was definitely fulfilled throughout the season. I felt like I was back again and I could have not done it without the trust and support of the team and my family.

Final result of the 4 race-weekend-long season was 3 podiums (1 win) and 2 pole positions. We had the chances to win the championship when entering to the last race in Sweden, but unfortunately we didn’t have the speed needed to win the race heats so we finished 4th in the tight NEZ-championship. But we will be more clever and advanced next year. We are hungry for the rematch as the season 2018 starts!

Thank you Mika, Toni, Rape, Sami, Jone, Matti, Keke and Outi for the great work you’ve done throughout the year!

Mika Racing team at the first race in Bikernieku, Latvia after the pole position.

x Emma

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