About me

Name: Emma Kimiläinen
Born: 8.7.1989 in Helsinki, Finland
Current hometown: Vantaa, Finland
Family: Husband, daughter
Education: BBA, Metropolia University of Applied Sciences
Racing Club: AL Helsinki
Interests: Physical training (martial arts), ice hockey, music, politics and baking
Favorite food: Sushi
Favorite drink: Coke zero
Free time: Doing some sporty activities with the family, cooking or seeing friends
Racing management: Björn Stenbacka (Sports telecom) +358 50 5475 420
Social media management: Laura Kyntölä (United Influencers) laura.kyntola@unitedinfluencers.com

I’m a racing car driver and for the season 2016 I’m continuing to compete in Scandinavian Touring Car Championships (STCC) in cooperation with PWR Racing team and SEAT.

STCC is one of the toughest touring car championships in the world. The championship was found in 1996, and has for the 2016 season manufacturers represented from Volvo, SEAT, Dacia, Ford and Saab. I was the first woman in 15 years to compete in the series (2014) and still in the year 2016 continuing as the only woman.

In addition to being an athlete, I’m also a media personality; hosting TV and radio shows, being a part of podcast shows and commentating Formula 1 for Finnish MTV Sport. I published my first book “Naisen autoiluopas” = A Woman’s driving guide in March 2015. 

I started to drive go karts already at the age of three and participated in my first race when I was only five years old. I’ve been chosen as the best female driver several times as well as The Racing Driver of The Year in Finland. I have gained over 20 years of driving experience, lots of races and plenty of success. In 2003 and 2004 I raced in the international go kart class ICA-Junior and in order to get the feel of the international races, I took part also in Italian Open Masters as well as European Championship in Belgium and in Portugal. In the years 2005-2009 I competed in smaller formulas. First Formula Ford in the North European zone for two seasons. Then I moved up to Nordic Formula Radical in 2007 and in 2008 I competed in a new class named Formula Masters ADAC in Germany. From there I moved on to Formula Palmer Audi to England. Years 2010 -2013 I had a break from racing. Because not finding the right place to compete in, I decided to focus on educating myself, get some real work experience and start a family. But I never gave up of my dream to be a professional racing driver. And then, over four seasons after in 2014, it happened. I made a comeback to racetracks in cooperation with PWR Racing Team in STCC. It was a very tough first season with great highlights. I showed everyone that speed definitely exists but as the first year was ment to be a learning year, the 2015 season was a bit easier. I knew from the beginning that we are building something bigger in cooperation with the team and having long term goals together. In 2015 we managed to have two cars in the team and got more podiums than in the past year. We are continuing the hard work in 2016 with 3 cars in STCC with a new car manufacturer SEAT. I’m really exited and ready to kick ass!