Emma Kimiläinen to Scandinavian STCC

Almost four years of waiting is over, Finnish racing driver Emma Kimiläinen returns to international racing. She does it with PWR Racing, a Swedish touring car team. The series is STCC, the Scandinavian Touring Car Championship, one of the toughest touring car series in the world.

– It has been a long wait, but now it’s over and I’m so happy. This is a dream come true. I’m very grateful to PWR Racing that they gave me this opportunity in cooperation with SAAB Cars, also as known as Nevs.

– STCC is a very competitive series. Most of the tracks are familiar to me, but there is also a race in Stockholm Solvalla and one city race in Gothenburg that are new to me. There are a lot of STCC-fans and the races are televised, so it makes the driving even more exciting and fun.

Emma Kimiläinen is the first female racer in the STCC-series in 15 years. No Finn has ever driven the series either.

– I guess the fans love to see this blonde chick race head to head with the guys on track, and that is what I am going to do, she smiles.

Experienced champions Fredrik Ekblom, Thed Björk and Richard Göransson, but also the prince of Sweden Carl Philip Bernadotte, is among the drivers in STCC.

Emma Kimiläinen, 25, is a proud mom to a daughter Fanni.

– I think I am a better driver today because I’ve gained a lot of calmness throughout these years. After the first tests that were held on 22 – 24th of April, I really look forward to race again because everything went great and I proved to myself and everybody else that talent doesn’t disappear. Remember to watch the first race live on SVT Play on 9.-10 of May!

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