The car is in one piece, and I got some points

What a dramatic race weekend again. There was a lot going on in both races, but for once I wasn’t fully involved. I did not wreck the car, it is in one peace. I also got some points, for finishing sixth in race one and seventh in race two.  So in overall, the race weekend at Ring Knutstorp was OK.I started fourth in race one but I missed the start, my mistake, and fell down to eight. I had a good pace and the car felt really good. Then it started to happen. Linus Ohlsson tried a “mission impossible” move on Richard Göransson. Suddenly there was cars all over the place. I was hit from behind by Mattias Lindberg, I spun and ended up on the grass. The car was ok, I started the engine again and continued driving, but I dropped to last.

The Safety Car came out and we did quite many laps behind it. I had a good restart and pushed hard to overtake Carl Philip. It’s very difficult to overtake at Ring Knutstorp and he did a good job, but I passed him and finished sixth.

In the race two I was fourth coming in to the first corner. I chased Thed Björk, Fredrik Larsson and Philip Forsman. I dived in on Forsman and tried to overtake him on lap five. The track was very slippery and I had to put my right front wheel on the gravel, I locked it and slid to the side of Forsman’s car. It was not a hard, but enough to push Forsman off track. I was penalized with a drive trough and I think I deserved it. After that I found myself in seventh place back on track, behind Carl Philip.

The reminding laps I tried my best to overtake Carl Philip. I did not succeed, I tried on the inside and outside, but he closed every door effectively. All credit to Carl Philip, he deserved sixth place. I can’t be too disappointed, but without the incidents I could have finished higher, at least in race two. We fought well again and learned some more about the car.

I can’t wait for the Solvalla race, it is a narrow track, so everything is possible again. I will do my best to put up a great show for all the fans, and hopefully get a new podium and THE FIRST WIN!I hope to see many fans at Solvalla,
Stockholm because it’s going to be a
special event!

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