End of a dramatic season!

What a first season in the STCC series!

I hit the headlines big time after I crashed with the prince, Carl Philip in the first race. It continued with a huge crash in Göteborg, not my fault, where my Saab was badly damaged.

After my second place in Falkenberg I thought I could turn around the season, but again, technical problems and minor crashes made it impossible to step up to the level I would have wanted to reach this season.

Of course, I have to be realistic. Four years absent from racing and no testing have made it very difficult, to be honest impossible, to challenge the top drivers. I have the speed, and when we get everything right with the team, we are able to drive for the podiums.

I was really looking forward to the season finale at Mantorp. On Friday it all started to go wrong. I could not take part in the test sessions because of a electricity problem in the engine. The team worked like crazy and got the car ready for qualifying, but without any testing the setup was far from optimal. Also the fact that I had been at Mantorp 7 years ago, made the qualifying quite interesting without any testing. I managed to set the 11th fastest time, something I can’t be pleased with.

In the races I finished 10th and 9th. I took the car home in one peace in both races and we managed to find a better setup for the second race, that I’m happy about because we have again learned something new. But unfortunately there is not so much to do from the 11th place.

My goal for the weekend was to have a big smile on my face. I admit, I did not fully succeed with that, but when I crossed the finish line in the race two and the car had been good, I felt that I want to come back as soon as possible. Get some more time in the STCC car, learn more about the setup, work with the boys in the team and set some good results.

It has been an challenging but fascinating season. I want to thank Daniel, Poker and the PWR Racing Team for believing in me. I am disappointed I could not deliver the results I had hoped for. But this has been a learning and build up season, both for me and the team. We managed to get the second car on the grid and that is a huge step forward. I really hope I can be part of the PWR Racing 2015 assault because we are really stepping up to a whole new level, that’s for sure!

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