Let’s put up a great show at Mantorp!

I have to admit that I had high hopes for the Solvalla STCC-weekend in Stockholm. When I saw the track for the first time on Thursday I realized that the racing could be tricky. STCC had done a huge job getting everything ready in just one week, but new asphalt and a lot of dirt is always a challenge for racing cars. And it was.

If STCC had done a huge job, the PWR Racing Team had done an amazing job getting a second car ready for Solvalla. Daniel Haglöf, my team boss, took the wheel for the first time this season and it was a historical moment lining up two PWR Racing Saabs.  Because of the second car I got a new engineer for Solvalla. I love working with him. Solvalla was the first race this season when we really thought outside the box and tried different setup options, and I learned a lot about the car.

Pole position in race one. I felt I had a good lead turning in to the first corner, but there was no room, a Kia was squeezed between the wall and my Saab. To avoid a crash I had to leave room. A couple of laps later I was hit again, dropping a few places down. I continued racing but two corners after, at the same lap, I was hit again, this time forcing me to retire from the race.

I had to retire from race two also, when my engine blew up and caught fire. But before that I did some really good lap times and my pace was really encouraging.  We are racing drivers ready to put up a good show every race.  The racing has been very though this season. It’s a shame when drivers have to retire from races. Close racing is one thing, but wrecking cars is another. I have been quite often the one getting hit this season, but it is part of the game, obviously.

Solvalla was from the racing perspective a though weekend. We put up a good show for about 20.000 spectators. The team had over 100 guests and they all had a really good time. I want to return to Solvalla, I absolutely love the venue.  My focus is now on the Season Finale at Mantorp Park. I want to finish the season with a big smile on my face.

I hope the racing at Mantorp will be fair. So boys, let’s put up a good show and finish the season on a high, at east I will!

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