What’s happening during my offseason?

I’m really happy to continue racing also this year in STCC in cooperation with PWR Racing Team. We had a good season with ups and downs. I’m absolutely sure we will do fantastic results this year and I hope to get my first win in the series! It wasn’t the easiest part to come back after four years because even though the talent still existed, the body wasn’t quite there yet. Trust in the car and myself was sometimes missing. Of course it was a totally new situation for me because I had been driving only formula cars before and the racing is cleaner there but I learned A LOT last year. About everything, mostly about myself and the car. Now I’m prepared for the season and thousands times better than I was last year!

A lot has happened during the offseason as well. I’ve been working as a safety and eco driving coach and wrote a book (which came out of the book printing house today btw and will be published for the Finnish media next week!!) for women about owning and taking care of a car as well as driving it. It’s called a Woman’s driving guide (Naisen autoiluopas) and maybe we’ll translate it to Swedish as well. Time will show. In addition I became a radio show host for the biggest commercial radio channel in Finland, Radio Nova. I’m doing a four hour show, three days of the week. And that’s not all of it. I became a Formula 1 commentator as well for Finnish F1 TV-team for MTV. It’s pretty awesome.

I’m also taking part to the Finnish Masterchef VIP tv-program and showing my knowhow in kitchen. Will see if I become the first Finnish celebrity Masterchef… One stage down, more to come because I won my own heat 😉 Masterchef VIP airs on Finnish Nelonen on tuesdays at 8pm.

But I’m most exited about the upcoming racing season. I’m training physically hard 5 times a week to be fittest I can for the season. Doing a lot on the mental site as well.

What else, well I’m really happy. My daughter is going to be 2 years old soon and she is absolutely great! And my husband is lovely as always. Life is gooooooood!

x Emma

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