Scored points, but there was also drama

Then it is completed, the 2015 STCC season opening.

I finished 6th in the first race, which is ok, and especially when I lost my front breaks in the end of the race as well as the gears didn’t work either as they should have.  I settled for sixth and some valuable points.

In the second race, where I started 4th, I was hit by Richard Göransson in the first lap. He missed braking and lost the car and hit me after a long straight with high speed. I think the back of my car went in like 20cm and front was destroyed as well when I hit someone in front of me. So very frustrating.

What is encouraging is that we have good speed in the car. Without the technical problems I could push hard and challenge for top positions. Last year was though because I was coming back from  a 4 year break from racing. Now I have more mileage in the car, I have the confidence and I understand how it all works in STCC. I really feel I can be historical this year and take the first win.

In the end of May we’ll take a rematch, that’s for sure. Really looking forward to the Anderstorp race, historical F1 ground!

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