Great feeling to be on the podium again!

It is always a great feeling, the feeling of being on the podium. Third place in race two at Anderstorp Raceway was almost more than expected. I am really happy.

The team did such a great job. They worked hard and even though we had problems finding the right setup I had a great car on Saturday, being able to push and race hard in though conditions.

My team mate Daniel helped be defend the third place making it difficult for Thed Björk and Richard Göransson to catch me. In fact, I could pull away from Björk and that was really a proof that we are able to challenge for wins this season.

Anderstorp is legendary racing ground. It was here Ronnie Peterson and the other Formula 1 drivers competed in the 70s. On Friday I was far from happy to be at Anderstorp. I was feeling awful, miserable to be honest. I had fever and my body was far from ready to go racing.

I managed to secure sixth place in qualifying. But the gap to the front row was too big. I was far from happy.

I had a good night sleep and I felt better on Saturday morning. Then came the rain and again we had to change the setup. The compromise we decided to keep was pretty okay. The track conditions were tricky, but I felt I had a good car.

In race one I missed the start a little bit. But I overtook some cars and the settled to secure my fifth place and valuable points. I was really tired after the race. I went almost straight to the trailer and felt a sleep. They woke me up just before the second race. I almost felt I did not want to race. But I am happy I did.

It was a hard fight. I lost some places in the start again, but I pushed hard and overtook a couple of cars. I was able to overtake Richard Göransson and when I caught Daniel he did not keep me behind for long. He saw I was faster, so no use keeping me behind. I had a lot of close moments, four wheel slides and braking points just pushing the car in wrong direction.

I could not catch Fredrik Larsson or Fredrik Ekblom, but I am really pleased I could keep the rest behind me. My second STCC career podium. Now I have a second and a third place. Try to guess what the next aim is, YES the WIN! That is what we will achieve soon, really soon!

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