Congratulations Carl Philip

The STCC race at Falkenberg marked a new milestone when prince Carl Philip won the second race on Saturday. Carl Philip proved that he is a true racing driver. He made no mistakes under pressure and showed good speed all weekend. I would like to congratulate him for a well deserved win. But now it is my turn to achieve a milestone, my first win.

Looking back at Falkenberg it was a trouble filled weekend. On Friday we tried to find a good setup, but it was difficult. I managed ninth in qualifying, a position I can’t be happy with.

In race one a minor crash and contact damaged my front, so the hood just went off and my car looked like a stock car. With no ground effect left it was impossible to race, but I finished ninth and saved some points.

In race two I started second on the grid. I had a discussion with Carl Philip before the race and we agreed to try to make it through the first corner without any damage. He made it but I hit my team mate Daniel so my tape fixed front body gave up and the front light was stuck between the wheel and the chassis.

I had to pit after the safety car came in and my race was pretty much there. Again I managed to take the car home and save a couple of points, but the race was not what I had hoped for. Last year I was second, an achievement I would have liked to top this year.

We learned a lot at Falkenberg, but we ran out of time trying to figure out a good setup. I still feel we are getting closer of finding a setup that will help me win my first race. So not a lot memorize layer from my point of view from Falkenberg but I am happy that Poker and Daniel won in the GT:s and our junior team presented well!

Next up is Gelleråsen in August. I will try my best to win. But I need a good car. We are getting there. I feel it.

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