Hope and some glory at Solvalla

There was a lot of hope and also some glory at Solvalla! What a race, a great  atmosphere and a great event for PWR Racing Team!

I have seen a couple of videos after the race and how the audience cheered for me… absolutely fantastic! It really brings tears to my eyes to see that racing can be so emotional to people and they feel as passionate about it as I do.

I did put on a show at the track with some nice overtakes and drama. My car wasn’t in the best shape after race one, I must admit. I drove myself up to 5th place from 8th with some nice overtakes.

I was pushing hard from the first lap. My car was destroyed in the beginning of the race and little by little more peaces fell off. My tires didn’t work for the first 5 laps, but after that I could push really hard even if some parts where not quite on place… Sorry guys.

In the second race I started 5th and drove myself up to second place when I overtook Richard Göransson. With two laps left it started to rain and I estimated the grip a bit wrong, locked my wheels when braking, drove out and came back to track in P4.

I really put on a great fight in the last lap but I wasn’t able to get myself up to 3rd. That was a great pity but that’s racing.

In Solvalla I had a good car and I was able to show everyone what Finnish Sisu means.  I’m so hungry for my first STCC victory in two weeks time at Ring Knutstorp.

A big thanks to our great team and all of our awesome partners!

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