What’s up in racing season 2017?

Well hello pumpkins!

Season 2017 is soon to be started and I couldn’t be more exited to be honest.

Summary of 2016

As some of you may know, season 2016 was a catastrophe for me. I’ve never been injured in racing but unfortunately I had to experience the first time in that matter last year. 170 km/h straight to a concrete wall in 45 degree angle. Unfortunately it happened in the first race of the season and you can probably imagine how the rest of the season went. My neck got quite badly injured and the recovery process was a long one and I couldn’t drive all the races.

11th in the championships standings was not at all what I was hoping for but that’s sports. During a long career it’s inevitable to go through some seasons that aren’t going too good but the most important thing is to learn the lesson. I think I’ve learned more about myself in one year than ever before.

Season 2017

However, the season 2017 is going to be interesting and exciting. I’m racing two totally different type of cars. A good old H-geared V8 muscle car Ford Mustang in V8 Thunder car series, both Northen European and Finnish championships but also a really powerful and fast high tech electric car Tesla P100D in Electric GT (EGT) championships in Europe. How freaking cool is that?!

Electric GT Tesla P100D racer (Photocredits to EGT Championships)

Based on the P100DL, the race-prepared car is capable of doing 0-100 km/h in 2.1 seconds, three-tenths quicker than the production version. Pirelli’s P Zero slick and wet tyres have been specially engineered to deal with the impressive 778 bhp (585 kW) and 995 Nm torque produced by the P100DL 2.0. Cheers to that!

Racing in Finland

It is also fantastic to drive two races in Finland for the first time in 10 years!

V8 Thunder Cars 2017

I’m very happy to work with a totally new Finnish team Mika Racing in V8 Thunder car series. I’ve never driven either of the cars so I can’t wait to get the testing started in few weeks time, starting with the Mustang.

The calendar for V8 Thunder car series that I’m racing is:

  • 28-29. April Bikernieki LATVIA ***
  • 2.-4. June Ahvenisto FINLAND ** / ***
  • 30. June – 2. July Pärnu ESTONIA * / ***
  • 25-26. August Mantorp SWEDEN ** / ***
  • 22.-24. September Alastaro FINLAND *
  • * 3 race heats instead of 2
  • ** Also V8 Thunder Swedish Championships
  • *** NEZ


People in Finland can follow the V8 Thunder races on AlfaTV. I’ll give the specific information as the season is starting.

THE EGT Championships

The EGT Championship calendar will be announced soon!

I’ll inform all the channels to follow the EGT races as soon as they are published. For more information about the new Electric GT Championships, visit http://www.electricgt.co

Thank you for supporting me and giving me more power, let’s kick some ass together!


x Emma

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