Rallycross debut with RX Academy

I did my Rallycross debut with RX Academy in the end of September in Kouvola, Finland.

Rallycross debut with RX Academy, Kouvola, Finland

It was the final round of the RX Academy championship and it was a huge challenge for me.

When I went to the track for some test driving 3 days before the actual race day, I had no idea how to handle the front-wheel drive car or how to be fast in it.

So many new things as gravel, the front-wheel drive, wheelspin, sliding, a tarmac mixed with the gravel, a handbrake… what else… RX rules! But what would be a better way to challenge yourself than trying new things and really get out of the comfort zone.

I learned really quickly because of the academy concept. I got really high quality coaching which helped me to understand the car a lot quicker.

When we got to the Kouvola RX race track, the weather sucked. It had been raining for weeks before the race and the mud made my debut a bit harder in the beginning.

But seriously, what an amazing experience! I think I’m in love with RX! Seriously.

I became 4th in the final, close to the podium finish and I’m extremely happy!

To start from zero and ending up having the same speed as the fastest guys in this tricky sport was my victory. I had to change my whole driving style for rallycross because everything is done pretty much the opposite way comparing to circuit racing; how to brake, approaching to the corners, driving lines, how to cope with the understeer, handbrake…

The final round of RX Academy championships at Kouvola, Finland.

I feel privileged to have this experience. And I couldn’t think a better way to get introduced to the sport. I wouldn’t have learned all the things so fast without the help of the RXAcademyOfficial team; talented coaches, mechanics, spotters, managers etc.

Thank you. And a huge thanks to Medialiiga Oy for making this experience possible for me.

I’ll definitely continue Rallycross in some possible way in the future!

x Emma

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