It’s pretty special to win at Spa !

Emma Kimilainen (FIN), 1st position, celebrates in Parc Ferme

First win of the 2021 W Series season came at legendary Spa Francorchamps. What a race and what a weekend.

I have to admit, It’s pretty special to win at Spa.

It’s such a legendary track and the circumstances were tricky. It rained all weekend and it is a pity the fans did not get to see a Formula 1 race on Sunday. But I am happy, really happy. It’s a team sport so thanks to my team members in Ecurie W, amazing car and support throughout the weekend! That ment a lot to me.

It was a huge shunt in qualifying with 6 cars involved as they all lost the control of the car due to a quick weather change in the middle of Eau Rouge, a corner complex you drive flat with 6th gear. Very scary moment, but it really shows how incredibly strong and safe these cars are and how fit and strong the drivers are to survive that kind of forces. I’m really glad that all are well. 🙏

The win means I can fight for the win in the series. I will give my all.

More wins are what I’m aiming for in the remainder of the season. It hasn’t been the easiest start to the year for me, but anything can happen from here and I’m still aiming for the title, that’s for sure. If you want to win, get the Finn!

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