What a season finale in Austin Texas !! Happy with third in the W series championship

From P6 to P3 at the final round of the W series season 2021.
Had a mega start once again moving up to 4th and couple of laps later an aggressive overtake on Visser. I was giving the pressure to Pulling throughout the race but I didn’t have the front end grip to follow her in the “bad air” so I wasn’t able to get close enough for an overtake and she did a very clean race under the pressure so there was no mistakes to collect either. Hats off, great and strong performance for a young driver! She has talent!
I secured my 3rd place in the championship already in Saturday’s race and couldn’t have moved any higher nor lower with today’s results no matter what happened so I was just enjoying the ride and the amazing crowd. Incredible crowd it was in Texas, with ~ 400 000 people attending the F1 race. Incredible atmosphere, people cheering and being so supportive. Thank you America and @cota_official !
Third place in the championship is a really good job. Unfortunately, the first half of the season was a little bit flat for me but, luckily, I got to turn it around and it has shown me that I have the potential to win the title next year.
Congrats to Jamie Chadwick on a brilliant drive this weekend and winning the title!
I really want to thank my team Ecurie W. I have had some changes with engineers this season and it has worked really well. We were struggling so much this weekend in the practice sessions, but then we figured it out and I am so proud of my team who have worked so hard. Greetings to my other engineer, Danny, who was watching from another race meeting today. Thanks to Laney who was here with me and really supportive. I am blessed to be working with such talented people.”
Cheers to you all out there supporting me around the world! Love you!

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  1. do you girls have any hero cards

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